ICAP Asset Management employs investment strategies that are aimed towards achieving the goals of our most valuable assets “Our Clients”.

Our experienced investment professionals use a disciplined approach and sophisticated analytical tools that will consistently add value to client investments.

Our team monitor, gauge and understand the changes in the market and gear up to meet new challenging environments. They are able to capture the growth potential of securities, manage complex portfolios and drive to deliver optimum results. With superior securities selection, in-depth research, intensive coverage with internal forecasts, active monitoring and regular tracking, our dedicated team aims towards minimization of risks while achieving our client’s objectives.

Our active management style based on fundamental analysis leads to the construction of a portfolio that aim to outperform our relative benchmarks through well-researched investments.

We are one of the leading asset managers in Saudi Arabia with an established track record of achievements that is highlighted below :

  • We were the first Saudi Asset Manager to launch a GCC fund and the first to get rated by S&P through the GCC Equity Fund.
  • Received Lipper award in 2006 for the Saudi Companies Fund in a down market.
  • The winner of Best GCC Fund Management Company in 2012 from World Finance Awards.
  • Our Sukuk Fund won the best new Islamic Fund in 2012 from World Finance Awards.
  • SAIB GCC Fund won the 2016 3 Years Performance Award from MENA Fund Manager .

Investment Philosophy :

  • We are policy oriented managers and have a very clear focus on returns and objectives of our clients. Investment discipline remains our key focus
  • Research and Investment management are integrated as opposed to stand-alone functions. This integration has resulted in our out-performance in addition to our dynamic and clear strategy.


Investment Strategy :

  • We follow a very professional investment process which is based on between the active management and fundamental research.
  • Our focus is critical on risk management and down market strategies, in order to protect client positions.
  • The presence of a clear mandate that identifies the investment strategy and asset mix is key in our decision making process.
  • The asset allocation for our discretionary portfolio’s tailored to the client mandate and is treated separately in decisions making.
  • We strongly believe portfolio diversification is essential to manage unsystematic / company specific risk.
  • We use a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches in building and managing the portfolio.
  • Selection of holdings and decision to under or over weight is done based on extensive research and with a very disciplined and research-integrated environment.
  • Performance attribution and evaluation performed on regular periodic basis, and facilitates adaptations in the strategy based on market conditions and outlook.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Each portfolio represents a customized solution tailored to each client’s specific needs and requirements. These requirements and preferences are incorporated in the Investment Policy Guidelines (IPG), which stipulate portfolio objectives (risk and return), constraints (liquidity requirement, investment horizon, unique preferences) and investment strategy including asset allocation, exposure limits and risk controls. The IPG provide guidance to portfolio managers in their investment decisions and establish controls to manage risk. These guidelines are reviewed periodically to update and reflect any changes in the clients’ circumstances or requirements. Periodic compliance checks ensure that portfolio managers respect all aspects of the guidelines.

Mutual Funds

Fund’s Name Terms & Conditions NAVs Shariah Compliant
Equity Funds
SAIB Saudi Companies Fund      
SAIB Saudi Equity Fund
SAIB Saudi IPO Fund    
SAIB GCC Equity Fund    
SAIB GCC Equity Income Fund    
SAIB Arab Companies Fund    
Fixed Income Funds
SAIB Sukuk Fund    
Money Market Funds
SAIB Trade Finance Fund    

Financial Reports & Announcements



اعلان شركة  الاستثمار للأوراق المالية و الوساطة “الاستثمار كابيتال” عن انتهاء مدة صندوق صائب للصكوك و مدة تصفيته

  • تعلن شركة  الاستثمار للأوراق المالية و الوساطة “الاستثمار كابيتال” عن انتهاء مدة صندوق صائب للصكوك وذلك في 8/04/2018 وسوف تتم تصفية الصندوق و توزيع مبالغ الاستثمار على مالكي الوحدات خلال فترة اسبوع من تاريخ انتهاء الصندوق.


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